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  1. Rules Clarification

    When I was on the staff team before the server shut down we had issues with people RDMing civs in Rasman and claiming it to be a planned terrorist attack. In the end it was decided that the portion of the rule that mentions planned terrorist attacks only applies to accidentally killing civs while attempting to kill Blufor. I understand that it is realistic to plan a terror attack that targets civs without warning but you should remember that everyone wants to have fun on here. While it would be more realistic it would not be more fun for the player base. Allowing people to be able to steal bank info and access other players bank account would be realistic but it would not be enjoyable. In other words, just because something is realistic does not mean it should be allowed.

    This is freaking awesome! I was laughing the entire time.
  3. Bombing Cap Zones

    +1 I have seen this a ton of wars and it makes it hard to enjoy if you cant even get to the flag without getting blown up. If you use artillery you can sit anywhere on the map and bomb any cap zone you want. Because of this it is impossible to find whoever is constantly bombing the zones. I was not in the most recent war but in the last 2 wars I participated in Blufor had at least 1 artillery bombing zones for the entire war.
  4. Staff App - Silkofoxx

    +1 I would love to have him on the staff team. He is very active and is great at RPing with other players. I believe that Silko would be a great addition to the team.
  5. Face Reveals

    This post will be dedicated to face reveals just for fun. Feel free to post your own face reveals on here
  6. I would agree with Smidge that it would be Fail RP. To start with, NATO should not be kidnapping Opfor, or anyone for that matter. NATO is an international peacekeeping organization. Kidnapping someone would have serious repercussions on the organization being allowed to stay in the country. Section 1 rule 8 states that you must "Role play at all times" so under this rule while you are playing as Blufor/NATO you must act how a real member of NATO would need to act. Secondly, under the same rule, using the jail system to teleport someone out of hostile territory into an area under your control would be VERY unrealistic and unfair to anyone attempting to stop you from escaping with their comrade. On another note though, the best way to kidnap someone and transport them is to get a land rover and order them to get in the back gunner seat via the yellow ride in back words on the scroll menu. When they are in this seat you can transport them even if they are in a different faction. You should not that objectogedon will view the landrover as empty unless someone is in a normal seat as well.
  7. Staff App - Isaac

    +1 great guy works really hard to set up events for the entire community and does a great job with them. He is mature and I myself have never had problems with him ether in game or in support rooms. He is a very helpful guy and his love for the server really shows. I would love to have him on the staff team and I think the server would be all the better if Isaac joins the staff team. Isaac would be my top choice for a new staff member and I have been hoping that he would apply for the last week or so.
  8. Staff App - Fakie

    +1 you did a great job on staff before and I would be more then happy to see you come back to the staff team. I can understand the panic of feeling as if you have to much on your table and having been talking to you some, I can see that you really loved being on the staff team and I have seen the work you put into the server while you were staff before your resignation.
  9. Staff App - ComradeCorbyn{Socialist}

    He has over 63 hours but gametracker does not check via GUID it only uses his username. BattleMetrics shows that he has plays for over 63 hours and that is a LOT more accurate. The only requirement that he does not meet is the age requirement but I have had a lot of interactions with him the last few days and he acts and sounds just as mature as a 17 year old. If he wanted to lie and say he was older I think he could have easily gotten away with it but the fact that he told the truth should reflect positively on his maturity. From what I have seen is that he follows the rules as best he can. However I would like to see a bit more effort put into the application as it seems pretty short and does not have a whole lot of detail. If you add more detail I would be willing to give your application a +1 but untill then i will be giving your application a -1. P.S your date of birth is wrong, you need to change it manually because it always messes up Date of Birth 01/01/1970
  10. Escalation of force for BLUFOR

    Robbing a gas station is not a valid reason to kill and then killing you BEFORE you robbed the bank is RDM so in the future just go to support. The issue that you are talking about is that members of blufor are RDMing.
  11. C Joe

    Next time you see him online please poke a staff member so we can have him pay compensation.
  12. The Humvee TOW

    You CAN put speed 5 and nitro on all humvees except the GPK.
  13. New Group Translator

    But we still have people that don't speak English well and it would be helpful to have people to translate.
  14. New Group Translator

    +1 it would be helpful to have people that can translate.
  15. Tickets

    I say that the ticket should match the warrant. Most crimes will automatically set players wanted for a specific amount. some crimes don't have a set warrant price, such as speeding, evading, and other nonviolent vehicle infractions. I don't think there is ANY need to give a ticket of more than 100k for these speeding infractions. if robbing a gas station sets you wanted for 100k there is no reason a nonviolent crime should be any more than that. The only reason a vehicle infraction should be more than 100k is if they destroyed property such as crashing into other vehicles or other things like that because once they start damaging others, it would no longer be a nonviolent crime.

What is TLX?

Takistan Life Xtreme is an Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Takistan Life roleplaying server initially started in 2014 by original owner DNice.

How do I play?

You can find us on the Arma 2 OA server list as Takistan Life Xtreme or you can connect directly to play.tlx-gaming.com. You will need both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA installed.

How do I communicate?

Teamspeak 3 is our primary voice communications platform. You can jump on to speak to other players on your faction or to request support from our staff. Use the link below or ts.tlx-gaming.com to connect.


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