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    In-game Name Isaac Steam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/id/AngryDragon_YT/ Gametracker Link https://www.gametracker.com/player/isaac%20%5BIET%5D/play.tlx-gaming.com:2302/%20,https://www.gametracker.com/player/Isaac/play.tlx-gaming.com:2302/ Country you live in Canada Time zone you live in EDT Date of Birth 10/21/2000 How long have you been a TLX player? A month and a half on every day but I joined during a free weekend for Arma 2 Do you meet the minimum requirements set above? Yes Have you previously been banned from the server? No Have you previously been a staff member here? No Describe yourself I'm a very respectful and an all-around funny guy, I love spending my time playing games. I'm very patient due to my help with kids in my community, I'm always willing to help others and talk to them if they have any issues. I am about to finish high school and as I move on to college I'm pursuing robotics and coding which will help with my problem solving and help me look deeper into problems. I'm very organized and I can work under great pressure due to coding work and I can work under deadlines. I am very hardworking, I love working with a team, and meeting new people. I am very good a following rules, guidelines, and orders. I really want to help others and I love to see the community grown and thrive. Why should you be a staff member? I should be a staff member so I can help create more events for the community, help the players when they are in need and help the server become more of a family. Since I have been on the server I have realized that there are not many events over the last 3 weeks, I have been planning many events and have worked with many staff members to make them happen. I'm planning to help the community grow to get rid of any beef between players and help players have more fun. I also feel like during the weekdays when I get home there is one staff member that is always busy helping others I feel like I can help take some of that burden off and allow more of the staff to have fun and enjoy the game when they are on duty. I'm also on every day unless something comes up. I can help the community become closer and help players have more fun. What qualifications or experience do you have to offer? (if any) I owned a Garry's Mod military RP server, I learned LUA from scripting on that server and how to use RCON. I have been teaching myself SQF to script for Arma. I know HTML/PHP, Python, and machine language (Pretty old). My interests in learning have made me a very quick learning and gave me many skills. When I owned my Garry's mod server I learned how to spot hackers and figure out who they were, how to fix scripts, spot errors. we also had to deal with trolls and people who didn't understand rules. Kids were very commonplace so we had to deal with them all the time so I learned how to keep calm when you deal with them.
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    Hello everyone! My name is Canadian Bacon, and I will be your NATO Major for the time being. A bit about myself for those who don't know me. I've been a long time TLX Community member. I first joined the Community in Late 2014 and became a Staff Member in early 2015. I've been here through all the generations; from the OG days until now. I've been a Moderator, Admin, Developer - you name it. I left the community behind in mid-2017 when I joined the Canadian Armed Forces. Despite many setbacks in training (and being separated from technology for months), I am back here to stay as much as I can. My main goal as NATO Major is to provide a role-play military faction for the server. NATO will hopefully become a full military force on the ArmA 3 server. This means no more playing Cops and Robbers and actually being soldiers. Myself, and along with the Command Team, hope to bring some solid military action for you ladies and gents. We plan on reforming the dynamic into something a lot more enjoyable, a lot more action, and a lot less bullshit. NATO will be a white-listed faction. In order to join, you will have to go through some training. This is for quality control to make sure everyone is on the same page. I still want to keep the faction as a, "drop in an play", team. I don't intend for this to be have some ultra-serious MIL-SIM unit. There will be a rank structure, training requirements, and other rules. But, as stated; this is all for quality control. Majority of these ideas listed will be implemented on the ArmA 3 server. We still intend to have some ideas implemented onto the ArmA 2 server, such as rank and training requirements. ArmA 2 doesn't have as many endless possibilities as ArmA 3 does, so it will be a lot more relaxed in terms of regulations and such, simply due to the game's nature. Joining NATO, Ranks, etc. To join NATO, you will have to send an application and go through some initial training. This training is meant to be really basic, and is designed for new players so they know their way around the mission. There will also be various training offered in many different fields. I'll teach you guys how to efficiently run vehicle checkpoints, using machine guns, explosives, and various other things myself and some other players learned while serving in the military. The Rank structure exists to keep people organized. There will be many missions assigned to the team that you will need to accomplish. The idea behind ranks is that we can people working together in a team fluidly to complete tasks. Like I said before, I still want people to be able to drop in and play. General Gameplay Since NATO will be a full military force, they will start doing military things. No more manning a toxic CP Rasman. One of my plans to is to scrap CP Rasman and you guys will be able to setup VCPs in actual places that get activity. Manning FOBs, running supply convoys, hunting terrorists and Russians, etc. There will be a lot more action and things to do. There will also be some coordination between the factions to ensure things carry out smoothly. As some may have noticed, there will be weapon and vehicles usage restrictions based on your level of training. I intend to keep this very basic, as having a team full of snipers creates a lot less interesting gameplay than having an actual team doing a mission. The RHS Mods also add a ton of weaponry, so we have to decide what is acceptable to use. The last thing I want to see is kids running around with Super High Speed M4 Grenade Launchers, or everyone joining the Anti-Social Snipers Club and the server turns into a giant match of Sniper Elite V4 Multiplayer. Some other things to list, of the top of my head: - War: War isn't going to be as random and uncalled for as it is right now. Faction relations will exist off-the-server, and war will be an "organized" event between the two faction leaders. And it will be intense. - Gameplay: There will be plenty missions and other tasks for NATO to do besides going hunting for Timmy Taliban and his No-Fly list friends. - Roleplay: Since NATO will be a military force, not police, there will be plenty of things that will run differently. More soldier shit instead of playing Cops and Robbers - Training: Everything from using a radio, to effectively using a machine gun, to conducting recon missions and sniping Aloha Snackbar from 2km away. - Checkpoints/FOBs: Besides Border Checkpoints, there will not be any other pre-built structures on the map. You will be doing everything from conducting a recce of the area, securing the site, setting up the CP, actively operating and defending it, tearing it down and going back to base to be debriefed. Things are getting real, yo. FOBs can exist if there is enough people on, and the situation deems it acceptable. - Economy: The Economy is going to be re-worked for the server. I suggested that there should be a Zeus-like position where someone can give out supplies for NATO to carry out mission. Simply, you fill out a supply request (we call it an ADREP). Then, you send it to the sir (or ma'am, or 'xer, whatever kids wanna be these days) and he'll decide if you really need a bunch of M107s and a pallet of C4 provide you with the equipment through his spawning abilities. It's a suggestion. We'll see what the Admins think about it. What's to come for ArmA 2 We haven't fully decided on what's going to be coming for ArmA 2, before the ArmA 3 server is up and running. I can tell you now that things such as the rank structure, training, some weapons and some vehicle restrictions will be coming out within the next week. There isn't a whole lot we can do as the game doesn't allow much wiggle room, and we need to stay true to the "drop in and play" aspect that the ArmA 2 server is. I'm free to any suggestions you guys may have. Feel free to leave any constructive feedback. I really want to thank Giovanni and the Admin Team for giving me the chance to lead NATO. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a massive gong show. Yours truly, Canadian Bacon
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    Let's clear something up here since people want to jump to conclusions. WuKuN is a former staff member of TLR. He jumped on our Teamspeak just to throw insults at me and the other head staff in my channel. He admitted to DDoSing our server and something was said about "getting people not to play here". I banned him. Why did I ban him? He wasn't here to legitimately play. He was here to cause drama. He then returned with a new identity and IP address since he was using a VPN. He tells me that he's just here to "talk to some old friends" and that if I ban him he will just keep coming back. I'm feeling a little lenient, so I let him go up into the channel that some of his friends are in. I'm told not long after by someone else that he's talking about DDoSing. Some people are telling me he should be banned, and I'm on the verge of doing it. WuKuN then has the audacity to send me money over PayPal with a note about how this is his "apology". I refunded his money and banned him immediately, because the way I see it, he's just trying to pay for a way out of a ban. To the friends of WuKuN, I am so sorry that he thinks he can just come onto our Teamspeak and act like a complete cunt and expect that he won't be banned.
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    Guide for new TLX Players. OPFOR BLUFOR INSURGENT Before anything,do NOT forget to join Teamspeak! Both Factions are required for the person to be on TS If you're reading this i'm assuming you are a NEW player to the Takistan Life XTREME ARMA 2 Server.here are the basic controls. Press 1 in your keyboard to see your Licenses,factories you own,government,police chief,gangs,laws as well as your IN GAME personnal information. Press Y to open your animations options. Press 2 to open your TLX inventory. Press 3 to put your hands in the air Press 6 for Retributions Press 7 to put Ear plugs IN and OUT Don't forget to read ALL the rules! https://docs.google.com/document/d/11A1JiKrseZhOE3pAY0ywDF4NgnZeo98HVRgROPqZnrw/edit General rules Do not KOS (Kill On Sight) neither VDM(Vehicle death match) if done it will be punishable and will probrably taken SUPPORT Do not use your mic over global chat. Do not advertise other communities. If possible PLEASE try to Role-play! Do not EVER troll. Going Away from Keyboard (AFK) is not allowed for a long period of time. Transferring money from a faction to another faction for yourself is not permitted Going across the border walls without permission from the faction that controls the side you're going to is a crime and it will be dealt with lethal force. These are the ones i consider important.The rest if you wish you see just read the rules that can be read on the link above. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Safezone Rules Do not flee into a safezone if engaged. Do not kill neither steal inside safezones. You're not allowed to engage or scout from a safezone. Camping and scouting of a safezone is not permitted. War Vehicles (that should be only bought in war) OPFOR T-90 KA-52 SU-34 SU-25 D-30 BM-21 GRAD <Not mentioned in the rules but can be considered artillery by the staff. Mortars BLUFOR M6 LINEBACKER AA FV510 WARRIOR DESERT FV510 WARRIOR WOODLAND M1A1 ABRAMS DESERT M1A2 TUSK ABRAMS DESERT M270 MLRS DESERT AH-64D APACHE AH-1Z VIPER A-10 THUNDERBOLT AV-8B (LGB/CAS/FIGHTER) F-35B & F35B AA ALL ARTILLERY AND MORTARS Martial Law Vehicles The following vehicles are to be used only during martial law or WAR(This only applies for BLUFOR) UN BMP-2 LAV-25 AAVP7A1 STRYKER MGS M2A3 BRADLEY IFV M2A3 ERA BRADLEY IFV UH-1Y VENOM AH-6J(Donator) AH-11 WILDCAT ____________________________________________________________________________________ OPFOR The OPFOR Also known as TLA (Takistan Liberation Army)The Opposing force (OPFOR) are the armed forces that are located in the SOUTH Territory away from RASMAN .Their vehicles are cheaper than the ones BLUFOR have When you join OPFOR for the first time,what you are going to need to do is get some money from the ATM that is located in front of you in your left side,withdraw some cash and buy the Combat Training License,this will allow you to buy most weapons in the Weapons shop(The guy with the black beret standing next to the soldier pointing a FN FAL right at your face).After buying the license it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to buy NV GOGGLES which the standart price is 8.000$ But be advised the taxes are different so the prices will be different too. YOUR ENEMIES Insurgents AKA Indies <They're KOS but if possible try to do a little roleplay scenario,that is if they don't kill you first. Armed Criminal civilians Civilians that declared TERROR Civilians that injure team mates or attempt to harm friendly personnel BLUFOR In case they cross the border without OPFOR permission or there is a WAR going on at the moment. Getting started as OPFOR Buy the primary weapon that you think ya going to do WELL(But don't buy TOO EXPENSIVE WEAPONS) Get some ammo (OF COURSE) No need to buy Rocket launchers. Get 1 or 2 jackhammers that can be bought in the Oil Processing&Mining tools right next to the base on the East side Get a utility KAMAZ open or closed doesn`t really matter how much space does the TRUNK of the vehicle have. When you get your Jackhammer(s)and your KAMAZ go over to the diamond mine that is still located inside the OPFOR territory next to the RUSSIAN ARMS DEALER.When you reach that spot, press 2 to open your TLX Inventory and then click on your jackhammer and press use (it should be noted that you must be DIRECTLY on top of the mining spot)Also the max diamonds you can get is 33. Keep doing that until there isn't more space on your KAMAZ,when you're finished just driver over to the resources shop and sell your precious DIAMONDS! (Warning!Some insurgents may camp that area so be VERY CAREFULL!) After that just ENJOY your money!Just don't waste it on multiple aircrafts,armor.Also if you're feeling greedy just do the same steps again until you get LOTS of money. Your JOB! As an OPFOR your job is to maintain control over Checkpoint Alpha,Bravo and Delta.Regularly patrol the checkpoints,also don't forget to check the capture points.People mainly come to Checkpoint alpha so i'd recommend manning CPA.Be cautious because many insurgents with precision rifles most of the times camp it while having it's position unknown for a long period of time. When things gets out of hand if you have money or somebody in your team does,just pull out a good old MI-24 A.K.A the HIND.The insurgents aren't going to be glad because first,it will just destroy their entire lives and second,it ain't even fun when there are MI-24s flying all round the OPFOR territory.So do your best to prevent you or your team to buy a HIND and ruin the insurgents immersive Tactical Shooter game! That's basicly your job. Manning CHECKPOINTS. As an OPFOR You'll probrably be staying under heavy insurgent sniper fire on Checkpoint ALPHA,but if things are fine and there aren't anyone shooting at you just do your JOB,which is basicly sitting around all day waiting for a civilian to come by.When a civilian or PMC DOES come by remember to do the standart procedures: Kindly tell the driver to exit his vehicle and provide you his passport. search his vehicle for ilegal things If he owns a firearm tell him to put his hands in the air and check his inventory for the licenses. Situations you might find yourself in. Insurgents camping with a BRDM-2?No problem,get the HIND. Got Insurgents camping everywhere with high caliber firepower?Get a HIND. Got insurgent offroads coming to CPA?HIND. Got an enemy helicopter?Yeah get a shilka or tunguska. Got a civilian throwing rocks at your team mates?Get a HIND. HIND solves are your problems ;)Just don't use it everytime. ____________________________________________________________________________________ BLUFOR The BLUFOR Also known as Takistan Police Force or just COPs.They Are the forces that ATTEMPT to enforce the LAW in the North Side,their main city is Rasman where all the crazy stuff happens. First in order to actually be part of BLUFOR you are required to pass a BLUFOR TEST.If attempted to enter without it you WILL be kicked! When you join BLUFOR for the first time buy the basic training such as the patrol officer training license,so you'll have access to the box that has it's name on it.When you access the box,get a M9 and some SD STUN Rounds and any other weapon that is CHEAP,AVAILABLE and WORTH IT. Getting started as BLUFOR! Now,playing as BLUFOR ain't as easy like OPFOR,you'll find insurgents more often over your side on Rasman either:Camping,staying hidden inside the buildings.I highly recommend that,if you have access to the MK19s grenade launcher,DO NOT Just fire all over the town destroying EVERYTHING,people get mad over it,the buildings will be ruined and the next thing you see RASMAN is basicly destroyed(Also do not fire explosives that might hit the bank).You'll also have a hard time dealing with financial issues. Ok so let's get started. Start buying your M9 with SD ammo,then a primary weapon for LETHAL purpouses,just don't buy something TOO expensive. Get ammo. No rocket launchers. Do patrol missions to earn Money$. Follow the BLUFOR rules! Don't let those insurgents capture your CAPTURE POINT,that's your money making land if it gets captured your paycheck will be lowered! Those topics said above are the ones that in my opinion that should be done when you start playing for the first time as BLUFOR. Your ENEMIES. Insurgents AKA Indies. Armed criminal civilians. Civilians that declared TERROR. Civilians that injured purpousely injured team mates or attempt to harm friendly personnel. OPFOR in case there is a WAR happening Or if they cross the border without BLUFOR permission.(Also if they engage you first intentionally) Now the thing that i consider the most important MONEY.Since without money you can't really do a lot of things.So for getting money i either recommend doing patrols in some sort of ground or air vehicle OR just play following the rules as a police officer and let the paychecks do the job for you. YOUR JOB! As a BLUFOR it's your JOB To maintain the streets of Rasman and your territory SAFE,so in order to do that you i recommend that you DO NOT do these following things: Shoot a civilian only because he has owns a firearm and it's unholstered Shoot a person without even Identifying him. taze or arrest him because he's insulting you (in a weak way not like,hard stuff.). Open fire with lethal firepower because he ran away from you. Run over a insurgents or criminal. Firing everywhere with a grenade launcher on urban enviroinments just to kill a single insurgent. Accept bribe from a civilian. get money from a dead bank robber and keep it for yourself.(or drugs) Work with or defend independents Situations you might find yourself in. Civilian speeding or driving on the wrong side of the road? No problem mate,just give him a ticket. Insurgents coming in with a armed vehicle and you're 100% sure they're gonna kill you on sight? Just open fire at them. BRDM-2 ATGM on a hill? if you have money just get a M47 Dragon and destroy that old piece of soviet technology. Snipers somewhere on a hill?That's a huge problem,well if you got money just get that GUCCI HMMWV CROWS M2 and take them out! Bank often getting robbed?Go there and stop the robbers then! People are mad at you because you're with a MK19 stryker or HMMWV blowing Rasman to pieces?Well stop using it then! It's really annoying. Ran over a civilian or a team mate accidentaly? No problem! Just take some money of your pockets and comp them! Running out of money?Do patrol missions! Manning checkpoints. Basicly the same thing that has been said for OPFOR. Martial Law Your team is at a very bad situation and you can barely maintain control over Rasman? No problem,just ask for the current police chief to press the MAGICAL MARTIAL LAW button,if he agrees he will activate martial law.When it's activated you'll be able to freely search citizens civilians ____________________________________________________________________________________ Insurgents Be advised,this faction does require the user to be in teamspeak as well. Insurgents, also known as Independents, indeps, are Mujahideen Jihadists - religious extremists. Most of their vehicles are captured OPFOR vehicles that costed many soldiers lives, meaning their equipment costs much more money than OPFORs It should be noted that both OPFOR and BLUFOR are KOS(Kill On Sight) for Insurgents but if you want to do a little Role-Play feel free to do it.That is if the enemy doesn't fire at you first. First thing you should do is buy the Combat training, and after that the Soviet vehicle training. You should be able to buy most of the weapons and ground vehicles.Also make sure to buy NV Goggles. The most popular insurgent weapons are: FN FAL and AKM for urban environment, SVD for sniping and RPG-7 with VR warheads for heavy armor.Do NOT buy the most expensive weapons. Every time you die, you lose everything you had with you. The most popular insurgent vehicles are: Motorcycle, UAZ, T-34, T-55, BRDM-2 ATGM, Zu-23 Truck and BMP-2(Supporter) Do NOT buy the Scud-B.It costs $5.5mil but there is no script that makes the missile go boom. Using mortars during peace time is against the rules. Your enemies: 1.OPFOR 2.BLUFOR 3.PMC 4.Civilians that engage you. Getting started: Buy a cheap but good weapon. FAL is maybe the best option for starters. Get some ammo Buy rocket launchers only if OPFOR has some heavy armor that already killed many of your brothers. Earn money by capturing the capture zones,maximum insurgent paycheck is 100k. You can also stop OPFOR from getting money by holding Resources area. YOUR JOB: As an insurgent, Mujahideen Jihadist, your job is to free this country of NATO and Russians. They don't believe in Allah, so try to make them regret coming to Takistan. Opfor usually sits at CPA, their capture zone, insurgent capture zone or Hashish Emporium. Try not to kill all your enemies on sight. This is a roleplay server, not warfare. Situations you might find yourself in. OPFOR Hind is in air? Try avoiding roads and start climbing hills, or get an IGLA AA Pod or Zu-23(Those 2 are Expensive) BLUFOR Stryker wrecking everything? Try to sneak behind it and take it out with a FAL/RPG-7 (Weak armor) or just use an expensive BRDM-2 ATGM and risk being destroyed by a Hind before even crossing the border. All checkpoints closed/manned? Assault the one manned or get speed upgrades and go through illegal breach. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks to Aleks for writing the Insurgent guide! If you liked it don't forget to leave a like!
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    If you don’t agree with anything, why the fuck are you still here? Oh wait..
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    Good day everyone I started playing on the server 2 weeks ago or so, and I feel like an implementation of ranks for the 3 factions would be a good idea, especially for BluFor and OpFor. How can it work? Like a levelling progress, you need X amount of points for the next rank etc. Points can be earned by doing things your faction already does. If you're BluFor and OpFor it could be killing independents, terrorists, arresting civilians and such. Independents will just get points for killing the other sides, as the things they do are a bit more limited Why have such a system? Especially for BluFor and OpFor it will enforce better roleplay, especially if the higher ranking OpFor and BluFor will be able to ''control'' the lower ranked players. Now I'm not indicating full control over them and be able to boss them around, but more to mentor and guide the newer players into how you should properly play each faction. I personally also feel like there is a 'lack' of grinding to do, not saying I want it to take 100 hours to achieve max rank, but it shouldn't be something that can be done in 2 hours either. Plenty of rewards! Paychecks can also be, just like with licenses, based on how high your rank is. Perhaps also a special shop in all three factions giving them access to other vehicles, weapons or maybe just a little discount on things. To end it all I am in no shape or form a dev or ever tried to be one. I have no idea how much work this will require. I simply proposed it. I got the idea from RISE where I used to play a lot, and the system really seemed to work there, of course, there can and will be a few issues but there are almost always issues with any ideas. I hope you will take my idea, or a version of it, into consideration at any time. Let me know if anyone has any questions and I will be sure to answer them as quick as possible JumpyWizard
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    YES I HIGHLY MISS HAVING A SHILKA AS A CIV DECLARING TERROR ON THE CAPITALISTIC BLUEFOR First off New Rules & Consequences Only Someone with ranking of Lieutenant or above are available to sell Opfor equipment - failing to comply to this you risk being blacklisted as Opfor. All Opfor officers selling equipment must keep everything recorded and told to their superior commander to keep everything upto date A new TLA ranking system will be added and only available opfor equipment will be available to you by your TLA rank Using TLA weapons to kill Opfor is strictly forbidden - Failing to comply will result in either a TLA demotion or Refusal of being sold Opfor equipment again. You must declare terror if your seen by bluefor and they fire at you to be able to fire back - failing to comply will result in refusal of sales until next restart Opfor equipment shall not be used, what so ever for mass killing's they are purchased and used for Ambush attacks on bluefor - failing can result in permanently unable to purchase TLA equipment Have to ask to purchase something in direct chat or by text message not over global Opfor equipment can only be sold to civilians New Ranking System Due to people not following the rules I decide to offer it a little harder for people to just buy tanks and heavy armor and made TLA more of a end game on the server. Ie it add's long term goals to civ's Harder the work better the reward. Rank 1 equipment - TLA private ( Starter ) AK-107 Varients - 5.45x39mm, 30 Round AK mags only. Both AK-107 PSO’s are capable of zeroing. 30 Round AK (SD) mags - Price: $700 GP-25 Grenades (HE & Flare) - Price: HE: $1000, Flare: $250 AK-107 Kobra - Fitted with a Kobra RDS (Red Dot Sight). Price: $160,000 AK-107 Kobra GL - Fitted with a Kobra RDS & GP-25 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher. Price: $185,000 AK-107 PSO - Fitted with a PSO-1 Scope. Price: $170,000 AK-107 PSO GL - Fitted with a PSO-1 Scope & GP-25 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher - Price: $200,000 AKM - 7.62x39mm - 30 Rounds per mag. Price: $40,000 (Ammo: $700) CZ 550 - 9.3x62mm - 5 Rounds per clip. Price: $90,000 (Ammo: $600) Bizon PP-19 - 9x18mm - 64 Rounds per mag. Price: $80,000 (Ammo: $600) FN FAL - 7.62x51mm - 20 Rounds per mag. Price: $50,000 (Ammo: $800) Lee Enfield - .303 - 10 Rounds per clip. Price: $20,000 (Ammo: $800) Makarov PM - 9x18mm, 8 Rounds per mag. Price: $4000 (Ammo: $500) .45 Revolver - .45 ACP, 6 Rounds per mag. Price: $3500 Saiga 12k - 12 Gauge - 8 Rounds per mag (Stun & Lethal). Price: $60,000 (Ammo: $800 (Stun & Lethal) Transport vehicles Kamaz Utility/Open - Price: $110,000 UAZ DShKM (HMG) - Price: $132,500 UH-1H Huey - Price: $600,000 Rank 2 sergeant Achieved by spending 25 mil to TLA M24 - 7.62x51mm - 5 Rounds per clip. Price: $210,000 (Ammo: $1,000) PKM Machine Gun - 7.62x54mm - 100 Rounds per mag. Price: $175,000 (Ammo: $1,200) RPK-74 - 5.45x39mm - 45 Rounds per mag. Price: $200,000 (Ammo: $1,000) Sa-58 CCO/ACOG - 7.62x39mm - 30 Rounds per mag. Price: CCO - $80,000, ACOG - $95,000 (Ammo: $1,000) M79 Thumper - 203HE - Single Barrel Grenade Launcher. Price: $70,000 (Ammo: $1,200) Eastern AT Mine - Detonates with pressure from Light and Heavy Armour. Price: $295,000 Vehicles UAZ AGS-30 (GL) - Price: $262,000 UAZ SPG-9 (SPG) - Price: $425,000 BRDM-2 - Price: $600,000 BRDM-2 ATGM - Price: $600,000 Mi-8 - $1,800,000 Rank 3 lieutenant Achieved by spending 75 mil to TLA RPG-7V - RPG Warheads - RPG VL/R Warheads. Price: $450,000 (Ammo: $100,000) Satchel Charges - Triggered by remote detonation. Price: $750,000 Vodnik BPPU - Price: $1,900,000 T-34 - Price: $3,500,000 Rank 4 Captain Achieved by spending 150 mil to TLA BMP-2 - Price: $3,600,000 T-55 - Price: $6,000,000 Rank 5 Colonel Achieved by spending 500 300 mil to TLA T-72 - Price: $9,000,000 ZSU-23 Shilka - Price: $3,650,000 Mi-8MTV- Rockets - Price: $4,000,000 For the Russian Revolutionaries ( It was really disappointing coming online after been offline for a while and coming back to see that it has stopped this is what really got me hooked on the server and I think this will also give alot of people new goals to achieve. If only bluefor can think of something they can do to win civ's on there side because you have to face it civs can be pains during war time and would rather them be on my side than against me.) p.s Im all ears on suggestions on things to add etc, I was thinking of making it alot more harder to achieve ranks
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    CONVOY So since the ARMA 2 TLX Server nothing happens much instead of:VDMs,RDMs people asking for comp etc...I'm suggesting that from time to time OPFOR or BLUFOR could make Convoys.There would be 2 types of Convoys,the standart convoy and the High Value Convoy. Basic Convoy 2 or 3 KAMAZ or MTVR(utility,repair) 2 Armed UAZ or humvee The basic Convoy would be transporting low-medium tier LOOT such as:pistols,submachine guns,medium-low price ores,ammunition or supplies too.The KAMAZ or MTVR would be in the middle between the armed UAZs,there would also be a 10 metre space between each vehicle. Now,the High Value Convoy would transport would be transporting on its gear powerfull and dangerous thing such as explosive devices,RPGs,assault rifles,sniper rifles or high value ores for example:diamonds or platinum.So since it`s transporting high value items inside it`s gear or TRUNK it should be very well protected. High Value Convoy 2,3 or 4 KAMAZ or MTVR(Utility,repair,ammunition) 3 or 2 armed UAZs or humvees. 1 Armored vehicle. So,these convoys would be like a event that can be lead by a group of players but of course in order to actually form a convoy "event" the group would have to ask for a staff member that is currently ONLINE at that moment for permission to do it,and if the people making the convoy wish to make it go through BLUFOR or OPFOR territory they would obviously have to ask the faction that controls that territory. The way it would work is that the faction doing the convoy would announce in GLOBAL CHAT for all the players that are currently in the server when they start moving,the convoy would have a path set by the faction,the path would be marked by putting black dots on the map,On the way,armed civilians or insurgents could set an ambush to eliminate the drivers and the escord and if they suceed by doing that,they may take the loot located inside the gear or trunk on the KAMAZ(which in case of the BLUFOR the MTVR) A couple hours ago (when this post was posted)me and some people playing as OPFOR did a convoy with admin authorization,it had 2 KAMAZ [Ammunition and Repair] filled with weapons and explosive devices,and it was being escorted by a BMP-2.Some time later when we passed through Checkpoint Delta and went into BLUFOR territory (also with authorization) We got ambushed after a couple minutes by some insurgents with a CDK tag on their names,they started firing explosive ordinances at our direction missing the trucks and barely damaging the BMP-2 we then went to go hunt for them leaving both trucks to be guarded by the BMP-2.Some time later we noticed that both trucks were on fire but the BMP-2 was perfectly FINE as if the insurgents shot at the trucks on purpouse just to destroy the loot (there was like 3 million worth of loot inside those trucks),we later found them and neutralised them but the convoy was totally ruined.So there are some bad things about making these convoys. Also the Trucks should always be unlocked and the ones who plan to intercept the convoy. Also if you like it remember to leave a like!
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    Islamic Emirate of Takistan History & Backstory The Islamic Emirate of Takistan was born out of tribal struggles in 1992. After the election of a Socialist Government supported by Russian troops as a last ditch effort to spread Communism, several tribes especially those from the rural, mountainous south of the nation united under the banner of Islam to form what was first known as the Takistan Islamic Party. This was a counter to the largely atheistic government currently in power which they felt did not represent the majority Muslim nation. After their political front was not recognised and they were not allowed to stand in elections or campaign, coupled with the closure and demolition of mosques and places of worship across the nation, the group combined with other armed groups from across the Middle East, most notably Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Haqqani Network to from the Islamic Emirate of Takistan; a Wahhabi Islamic militant organisation dedicated to armed struggle against both the Takistan Liberation Army in the South and the NATO peacekeeping troops in the North. After a series of bombings and attacks on military and government targets, the group was very quickly branded a terrorist organisation and the TLA sought to exterminate their presence in Takistan. Nevertheless, due to weapons left behind after the conflicts past and present throughout the Middle East, they were able to maintain a stronghold and establish de-facto territory in the South-West of the country which they launch attacks from and hide from counterattacks by the TLA in the mountains and villages. Current Operations The group has a very active presence throughout the whole of Takistan. Due to the more aggressive stance of the Takistan Liberation Army in the South, the group largely seeks to avoid confrontation and use the mountains to illegally cross into the North to target NATO forces, which they see as foreign occupiers of their land. Their tactics include guerilla style attacks on NATO vehicles and troops patrolling the area as well as concentrated and highly effective attacks on static targets such as defensive emplacements and especially checkpoints. The group uses their assault rifles and machine-guns to attack at very close range especially at night, using maximum aggression and suppressive fire to overwhelm their enemy through confusion and aggression. Bombings are also a favored tactic, and their improvised explosive devices have routinely destroyed soft-skinned vehicles and there have also been numerous instances of enormous car-bombs detonating in Rasman, the capital, and wiping out entire checkpoints and armored vehicles too. More advanced anti-armor and anti-air capabilities are limited for the group, these usually take the form of truck-mounted SPAA or Cold War era radio-guided missiles fired from captured vehicles. Despite this, on certain occasions the group has managed to acquire and effectively utilize more advanced anti-armor and anti-air kit such as MANPADS and TOW missiles to target both NATO and TLA armor and air. Membership and Organisation Although the Islamic Emirate of Takistan is one of many armed groups fighting in the area, it is by far the largest and most powerful as well as the most effective. The structure is largely based on a tribal hierarchy but attacks are loosely organised. At the top is an Elder which coordinates the group's activities locally, followed by several senior members and then foot-soldiers. Membership is organised through tests of faith and loyalty to the cause even unto death. Members' Roster Emir ConReese Mujahideen SlimBone MustafaL!kaWeeWee 0rbz Isaac Esau NOTE: This is meant to be an organisation much like OPFOR's VVS. It's meant to be an organisation within the INDEP faction to encourage more guerilla/terrorist roleplay besides just blowing shit up. It's meant to encourage both propaganda to be created as well as coordination of attacks beyond the lone indie with a FAL in Rasman.
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    I want to begin by saying I am serious this time haha, and I do not plan to go out in a blaze of glory like the few from a month ago. I will be resigning effective Friday the 11th, Not because I "think the server is dying" or "there's no updates" I honestly think its fun to play the server anyway without them. I have had a great few months getting to know the entire staff team and many of the players on the server. Granted some parts I hated but for the most part it was usually a great time. I will be resigning because of a couple reasons, one of which is a good friend of mine needs assistance getting back onto his feet after a long couple of weeks. I will be graduating in June and be gone for a majority of the summer on vacation and what not then in August I will be moving to another state further South ( I will not be going into any more detail than this as that is sketchy af). Maybe once life settles down I will be able to rejoin the community but as of current I do not have the time or the energy to deal with staffing this game when it is usually just me past 8 or 9 EST and trying to deal with homework, and life in general. It has just become impossible to juggle everything, although I will be on from time to time known probably as [I.T.O] King which was the past name I used before becoming a staff member. I want to thank everyone for the good times (and the bad) and especially thank the entire staff team for helping through the past couple weeks (Jake in particular). So anyway that's about it. Good Luck to Everyone [TLX] King
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    Oh boy. cracks knuckles here we go as you can tell, a considerable amount of salt went into some of those memes
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    Good afternoon, Today's update is going to be brief since I have to get going within a few minutes. We have taken the next steps into incorporating the faction ranks and whitelisting after some discussion during the staff meeting and between the administration. @canadianbacon22 and @Kane have been selected as the Majors for BLUFOR and OPFOR respectively. @Comrade Potato and I will be overseeing the factions as Colonels, however we will be leaving most of the decision making to them. Applications for both factions will be opening up here on the website soon. We will also have an accelerated process available for qualified individuals to make it to Officer and Senior NCO ranks to assist with faction management. Teamspeak has already been set up for the most part, however some permissions will be changed. Forum categories and user groups will be created here as well. We are diligently working on the website/mission changes and regulatory policies & procedures so we can make whitelisting official within the following week. We'll stay in touch here! In addition to all this, expect some of the following adjustments shortly: Rules being moved to the website Proper application forms being set up for player reports, staff complaints, ban appeals, blacklist appeals, etc. Economy and pricing updates Touch up of Teamspeak icons + addition of group images on forums
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    Following the update on faction whitelisting, we are in search of someone who feels that they are capable of holding the Major position on BLUFOR and leading the faction. The Major will be supervising the entire NATO occupational force in Takistan and as such, a level of commitment and responsibility will be required. They will have to oversee the creation of procedures and protocols, manage the membership and promotions within NATO, in addition to liaising with the staff team. Responsibilities will be delegated down the chain of command as required. Ideally, someone to hold this position would have similar experience from another Life or Milsim community. If you are interested in fitting this role, send me a private message here on the forums or send an email to [email protected]. Please put effort and detail in what you write and include information about who you are, why you would fit into the position, what your plans are for NATO, and any experience or qualifications you have. Thanks for reading, I hope to be receiving some qualified candidates in my inbox soon. Feel free to send recommendations my way if you know someone that is interested in the position.
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    Starting off a new segment in the TLX community we will be releasing monthly updates on overall general news, staff development with our Arma 2 & Arma 3 servers, rule & server changes, as well as resolutions regarding community drama that occurred month. Community & Staff Issues As the popularity of TLX has been growing the staff at TLX have not necessarily been prepared for all of the issues that have been occurring. Over this past week and in the coming weeks we will be finishing up reworking everything regarding our staff team. This includes proper case reports for issues to keep track of bad players, proper staff procedures and expectations, and a rework on staff applications. We have taken a lot of feedback and have heard the community members who have spoken up. In the coming week, we will also be working to become more transparent, accessible, and fair to our entire player base. To wrap things up we would like to ask all of our players to fill out a short survey on TLX. Your input will be used to help us determine how we will proceed in improving certain areas of the community and server. Click here to fill out the TLX Community Survey General News Diving into this busy week, we would like to announce a new member to our development team. LeRoy, a previous dev on ALRP will be working directly with Giovanni on the upcoming Arma 3 Takistan life server. More updates on the progress of the Arma 3 server will be released weekly starting not this week but the next. With the website well into its first month of operations, we are still in the process of adding format information for different topics such as supporter applications, faction white-listing, and more. Teamspeak 3 has been upgraded to allow for more slots and we are working to add/fix a TS3 Bot that reaches staff members when someone joins a help room as this should help with wait times. A Twitter account will be operational soon to give quicker updates on different issues and topics. Rules Server AND TLX community rules are being reworked to clarify issues that have been reported to us. As for community feedback and suggestions regarding rules we also will be trying to add, change, or otherwise modify rules every week if needed. We realize that there are many complaints about how the rules are vague in some stances and that will be addressed in time. Rule changes will start to be announced via discord and on the website. It will be up to the players to stay updated on changes as not knowing will not be an excuse in support rooms cases. The server rules will be merged with the website soon enough and will have more of a cleaner and professional look. Arma 2 Bugs & Development As the player base has spiked recently there have been a lot more bugs, glitches, and just things not working. Rest assured that these will be fixed in the coming weeks. We will also be looking to add more RP missions and aspects to our mission file as well as possibly reworking entire factions *cough PMC cough*. Sound mods that have been brought up have been added and or in the process of being added as well as a new Anti-Cheat and Rcon system for our staff team. Expanding off of what was said regarding transparency with the community, we will be looking to open up our Trello to the public eye. This will allow everyone to see what we have taken in regards to community feedback/suggestions as well as what we are currently working on or have finished for TLX. Conclusions Finishing up, the entire staff team would like to thank all of the new players who have been working with us to grow and change TLX for the better. We have all seen the passion our players have for Takistan life whether it's helping with suggestions or taking initiative to create a better RP experience and it definitely means a lot to all of the staff here. Feel free to leave feedback or comments on this post!
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    I would really love to take this post seriously, but then I got to this part. You are literally Gavrilo pretending to be someone else so that you can make yourself look like the victim here. You were brought to a help room and after the issue was investigated, no punishment was given. I'm not sure what you're complaining about. We have 3 administrators, 1 senior moderator, 6 moderators, and 6 junior moderators. I think that's pretty reasonable considering not every staff member can be on at once and we have members from different time zones.
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    Sons of Shariah // Image of Logo coming soon // Backstory: Born of the remaining Islamic Extremists of the Islamic Emirate of Takistan or the IET and allied splinter groups forming from local criminals to turncoats and even PMC's. What once was a small group of fighters now have grown to be a sizable movement. Out of the damage cause by the occupation of the Nato-American Djinn's and the tyrannical Russian infidels along with the frustration of the locals and no longer going to stand idle. Current Operation: Having now become more that just an Indie faction bringing in opportunity for those who like to play the Civ Terrorist or would like to aid the efforts to retake Takistan and return it to its former glory. If you have something to offer to the Sons of Shariah then we have a place for you within our Brotherhood. Otherwise or goals from the former Islamic Emirate of Takistan still remain and thats to provide something more than your stereotype lone wolf suicide runs to the north and encourage an honest and fair enviornment. Members, Current [TLX] SlimBone- Founder [TLX] Isaac- Founder [TLX] Smidge Griffkin- Mujahideen, Combat Leader Gregory Porter- Mujahideen MustfaL!kaweewee- Mujahideen Mohomamd Von Bjon- Mujahideen Members, Honorary SilkoFoxx- Ambassador & Favored Customer Thotkitti- Allied Rebel Convert
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    -1 One time i made a random single joke about his voice in global, the one and only time mind you and he went to support and asked someone to tell me not to bully him.
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    In-game Name Silkofoxx Steam Profile Link https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198091087773/ Gametracker Link https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/play.tlx-gaming.com:2302/top_players/?query=Silko Country you live in New Zealand Time zone you live in NZST Date of Birth 19/05/1991 How long have you been a TLX player? Since February 2018 , Do you meet the minimum requirements set above? Yes Have you previously been banned from the server? No Have you previously been a staff member here? No Describe yourself Im 27 and love what Iv'e achieved on this tlx server, Im friendly easy to talk too love to shit talk at times on side chat to make a laugh, started arma 2 back when day z was only available in vanilla and took 6 hours to repair one heli oh god don't we remember them days. I mainly play Civilian working with opfor as a communism civ and trying to create ceasefires with opfor and indeps to fight bluefor to test bluefors organization skills. Im responsible of over 5 million dollar's worth of asset's for my old man that ive been trying to sell for the last 2 years, Currently im in the process of taking to 2 people to court for causing 10 thousand dollar's worth of damage to a range rover breaking into the storage stealing an 85 inch tv and over 5 thousand dollars worth of fishing rodes so it's been a bit stressful for the past 2 weeks which Im sorry to bluefor for taking it out on them with a t-55 for the last week. I don't have any kids and live a pretty solitary life I associate with some of the biggest names in my country and been in some of the most un believable scenarios I will add a link on a scenario that happened to me when I repossessed a 180 thousand dollar boat and got chased by the head police officer in a water taxi where 4 years later we now own the boat. Why should you be a staff member? As detailed as I possibly Can be. Im someone that's very active on the server , Since it's been up from the start of this year I currently hold the most hours in game according to battlemetrix @ 545 hours https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma2/1837700/leaderboard?filter[period]=AT due to my experiences online from 8pm NZST to 2am NZST there isn't any staff that really come on, The main players that come on during these time the server can be quiet dead and un populated from 2-6 people and have witnessed some rage quiets of fail rp and indeps killing civs by rdm when there is no staff on. I mainly wish to become staff to help with this issue during these times Another note to this is that I didn't actually want to become staff at first until I more thought about things if I am serious about opening my very own business Im going to need to get alot more experience dealing with people all around the world , in 2017 for 6 months I was managing the water theme park in picton for a while but never got any experience from people from oversea's it was more locals from Marlborough region and wellington , where If I become staff I would be getting the experience I need for my future and using what I will be learning in real life scenario's. What qualifications or experience do you have to offer? (if any) 2014 - My family started a debt collectors company called positive collections through this experience I learned to do mediations for example ill use this as a reference Under the privacy act I can't give much Information about this but let's just say that we now own the boat through Mediation with the Old owner that we repossessed this for If you look on my facebook post on the 29 November 2017 you will see that we still have the boat so I have good mediation skills https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009332475853 Unfortunately this is the currently the only experience I have that can benefit the tlx community
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    Now take your shit somewhere else. Also, you got banned from BGA as well i saw, you lasted a solid 15 minutes on their server. Does that make their staff also biased? I think you have to start looking at YOURSELF rather then trying to put shit on others.
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    Lol prepares to be roasted
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    Convoy: Event backstory: Due to recent Bluefor and Opfor aggression against the civilian population, a group of angry civilians planning to stage a military coup. They ordered around 200 weapons to supply an uprising and a biological weapon capable of wiping out all of Takistan and even the world. Event Plan: In This Operation Bluefor and Opfor will launch the Joint Force A.T.J.O Biological/Chemical Weapons Department (Anti Terrorist Joint Ops) during this event all Helicopters and tanks and TOWS must be put away as the trucks must be seized to be disposed of in a controlled environment Failure to do so will result in Global Chaos and even destruction. The civilians hired a group of Terrorists and PMC (Private Military Company) to run the weapons across the border. Be warned they are armed and dangerous, they are equipped with T-55's and many other armored and armed Vehicles. These may be taken out VIA IED, Demo charges, and rocket launchers but remember to check your fire. Event Location: This will take place Along Takistan's MSR (Main Supply Route) and end in the main city of Rasmen. Event Rules: 1. No Teamkilling 2. No shit taking 3. No Helicopters, Jets, Tanks, APC's or TOWS, ATMG, Vodnik, BTR, But M2 are allowed for Bluefor and Opfor 4. All trucks must be seized (if any are destroyed it will result in a failed mission) 5. All indeps and PMC in the event are KOS 6. No comp will be given no matter what 7. Check you Fire 8.Any Primary is allowed 9. Regular Rules apply (more rules will be added on a later date) If you have any questions you may ask below
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    -1 ( Ive Spent more than 300 hours on this server and have seen about 80% of indies do their job right ) -1 ( If indies go where the hell can I buy tanks as a civ ) -1 ( When I declare terror it's not a terror attack it's a role play for bluefor taking down a major threat the could be anywhere , Assassinations , T-55 firing from 3k + away ) -1 Im well known in this server and have a reputation by bluefor being in some form of tank as a civilian , T-55 , BMP2 , Shilka ( can no longer get anymore ) , ATGM BDRM, if indep was taken off that would be my complete role play ruined and I would leave taki life if indep was taken away because I will no longer be able to buy armor. -1 If you need a decent reason to declare terror then hows this for one, I mine rubies and Diamonds and take them to each other resources. I take diamonds to rasman and then take rubies to the south, when I am declined going threw the border to do my foxx industries mining corperation and get told to go to the other resources which isn't my current location I get angry and for my customers missing out on either there rubies or diamonds getting angry at me , I shall make them happy again and declare terror on those that stopped me making my delivery. and some people do drugs and get sent to prison lol. I aggree some declares seem reason less but there are players that do roleplay until something goes wrong that leads to terror role play. -1 What would opfor do without indies constantly capturing their capture point I need to stop before I start getting Salty.
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    Hello Everyone, You all may already know that Giovanni has stepped down from his position of Director within the TLX Community. After much consideration, He has picked me to fill in that vacant Director spot while he still remains owner of the community. With that being said, I will attempt my best to make TLX better than it already is. Some of you already know me, some of you don't so let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Unknown and I actually joined TLX 3 roughly 4 years ago when D-Nice still ran it. Throughout my time at TLX I have held every position from Junior Mod (Back then it was Teamspeak Helper) all the way up to owner. When D-Nice let the server down, Myself with the help of a few other members brought TLX back to life. During my tenure as owner, we made major accomplishments such as having 1300 individual users registered on the server and just over 900 on the website to having a steady 50+ player base (Back when Arma 3 was..well still new). Of course I could not have done that without my staff team at that time. TLX was the first community I owned and I had an absolute blast doing it. Now that I have more life experience, along with more ownership experience, I feel that this time around will be different. From my observation as both an Adviser and Community Manager, I have noticed that quite a bit of community members want to see an Arma 3 TLX Server. I am glad to say that we are currently in the Staff testing phase for the Arma 3 Community. We are still working out some kinks/bugs and some changes that will effect the server for the better. This is where you guys and gals come in. As the server currently sits we have 3 factions which are Blufor (NATO/TSF), Independents (Medics) and Civilians. We have no Opfor faction on the current testing server (Its not implemented) and after seeing some feedback from staff and members, I have decided to let the community decide the future of opfor. You have 3 options. Continue how TLX is and keep Opfor (Means that we would re-implement opfor into the Arma 3 server and allow their territory to be south of the border and NATO's territory to be north.) Make a futuristic TLX and make it to where NATO has won the war and the Opfor forces retreated from Takistan. (NATO will have jurisdiction in the North and can only go in the south on 2 occasions. 1. TSF requests their assistance or 2. There are NO TSF Online..TSF will patrol the south as a normal security force) Make a futuristic TLX and Keep opfor but change it to a rebel/militia faction (For those who didnt support the government during the war and stayed back after opfor left) Voting will start today and end on Friday. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via private message and ill get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you, Unknown EDIT: I have had numerous questions about whether the vote is for Arma 2 or Arma 3. I completely apologize and should have specified that it is for ARMA 3 only. For that reason I have reset the vote and extended the voting until Sunday.
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    To start this off to all parties involved, I am deeply sorry for my actions, not only did I embarrass myself, I made a negative impact on so many others, and in some part feel responsible for a player being banned, It was not my intention to offend or hurt anyone but I did let my own personal emotion get the best of me over something so silly and irrelevant, people I would mainly like to apologize are Fakie ( for being more than patient with all of us and after all of it still remaining calm and collected and giving us fair warning), SuperSahen ( for flaming and being extremely toxic towards), TristanAus ( also for the above mentioned with super), Drew ( For making opfor look extremely poorly coordinated and disrespectful and him having to hear it from a mod), I took a day off to sit back and realize that yes this is just a game and yes I behaved very poorly, I apologize to the community for my behavior. ~Jack Daniels @Fakie @TristanAus @Supersahen @Drew
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    Don't lie. You mentioned days before he had even been able to play on the server for the first time that he was your friend and that you wanted to find out why he kept getting kicked for the reason "Player ItsJustSkript was kicked (AUTO: Brand new Steam account not permitted) by a trigger" Again, lying. The server log says you received compensation from him on what I can see as four separate occasions on March 2nd. The first and second being for five mill followed by the third for two mill then the fourth for one and a half mill. You then got off the server not long after he did when you were both angry at somebody over a safe zone camp. - You knew he was hacking. - You were affiliated with him. - You didn't make any attempt to report him. If you did begin gathering 'evidence' as you so lightly put it then I'd like to see you post your evidence in this thread. Maybe that will get me to consider at least a piece of your story as the truth. Oh and feel free to check out this picture before trying to convince me you really don't know him. You're his only friend after all.
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    ABU JASEM's permanent ban has been reinstated.
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    I love this server, it's fun, and I look forward to getting of of work to play it almost everyday. However, there is a problem that the community is plagued with that makes it a stressful and dramatic middle-school social scene rather than a Military Roleplaying game. Any time someone dies, or loses a vehicle, or gets shot at, or whatever, they immediately, first reaction, go into an administrator support room and just try to get that person(s) in trouble for whatever rule they accuse them of breaking. The most common I've seen being for, "RDM". No matter how in fault they were. I was playing OpFor earlier today, where I saw a well-known player named, "Gavrilo" sneak into the BluFor side of Check Point Alpha, and attempted to stun, and zip-tie a BluFor sniper to invoke tensions in the server. The player, who's name was Complexity who didn't even die just went up to an administrator room to try to get him in trouble, completely ruining any potential roleplay, or ingame tensions. This happens all of the time, and it's gotten to the point where if you want to invoke any sort of conflict / tensions at all, you're at a 100% gaurentee you'll be whisked away into some Teamspeak channel to by interrogated by an administration team that seems to carry around their "moderator" status whenever it can benefit them. Whoever has the loudest squeal wins. Not to mention, but for a server that only gets around 35-45 players a day, there are a ridiculous amount of Admins. Why are there so many moderators / senior moderators / junior moderators / administrators etc. ? I really want to see some actual roleplay rather than whineplay
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    VVS Who are we A small introduction We are the VVS (Vojenno-vozdoesjnye sily Rossii - Military Air Forces of Russia). Our job is to support the ground forces of southern Takistan. We train our own people for war and for peacetime operations. To save lives in northern and southern takistan. and when necessary to deploy a swift and brutal retalliaton. Lore After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Soviet airforce was reformed and turned into the Russian Airforce. During the start of the Takistani war the VSS had a rough time deploying due to a lack of airbases. Most jets had to fly from bases in Russia that had not seen a plane take off since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The equipment were old planes from the Soviet era. Most of the pilots used were rookies who had never flown a combat sortie. Alot of lives and equipment were lost during this era. By the time of the capture of the loy manara airfield the VVS had matured. The Combat Doctrine had changed from mass bombings of zones filled with SPAA vehicles to precise strikes from a long range. Most of the current pilots have flown many missions and have been given good equipment. What do we do From protecting Takistani citizens from the terrorist threat to assisting the Takistani Liberation Army during wartime and peacetime. We also try to learn people how to fly helicopters and planes. What can we offer you - Training for Paratrooper operations - Training for Air vehicles - A group willing to rp within opfor VSS recruitment process - Sign up - Assesment of abilities - Training - Ranking To apply you have to Post a reponse to this thread. it may be anything as long as it isn't offensive. Even if you post lol i wanna join cuz blufor master race we will read it. (Probably wouldn't help.). Anything says something about you RANKS GlVEN ON VVS DO NOT COUNT FOR OPFOR! Members Pilots Cmdr. Wolfslayer - Blackjack Capt. Jake Thompson - Salt Machine Lt. Drew - Big Bertha SGT. Spork - Bee Salty Orbz* - Winged Hussar Airborne infantry Capt. Mr. Eyebrows - Pain Train Lt. Domocop - Desync Devil CPL. Unfittoast515 - Anry Boer PVT. Aleks Ssier_ - Big Boris * - Ranks to be decided
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    See that's just acting like a cunt isn't it. You know exactly what he meant and you're just trying to be a cunt for the sake of it
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    I run a large mc server boasting 2000players avg and Ive created a very EASY SIMPLE ban system. You ban the player and you attach the ban with evidence, then when the ban is argued we can EASILY and SEAMLESSLY defend it.
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    Greeting’s Comrades! Due to constant changes within TLA, I have taken it upon myself to remake this post, within this post will be new guidelines, prices and proper equipment sales. Pistols: M1911 - .45 ACP, 7 Rounds per mag. Price: $8000 (Ammo: $500) .45 Revolver - .45 ACP, 6 Rounds per mag. Price: $3500 ($16000 Gold Revolver) - (Ammo: $800) Makarov PM - 9x18mm, 8 Rounds per mag. Price: $4000 (Ammo: $500) PDW - 9x19mm - 30 Rounds per mag. Price: $15000 (Ammo: $800) Sa-61 - .32 ACP- 10/20 Rounds per mag. Price: $25000 (Ammo: 10 round mag - $600, 20 round mag - $1000) M9 - 9x19mm - 15 Rounds per mag (FMJ) or 4 Rounds per mag (Stun). Price: $9000 (Ammo: $500 (Stun Rounds)) Rifles, Shotguns, LMG & Sniper Rifles AK-107 Varients - 5.45x39mm, 30 Round AK mags only. Both AK-107 PSO’s are capable of zeroing. 30 Round AK (SD) mags - Price: $700 GP-25 Grenades (HE & Flare) - Price: HE: $1000, Flare: $250 AK-107 Kobra - Fitted with a Kobra RDS (Red Dot Sight). Price: $160,000 AK-107 Kobra GL - Fitted with a Kobra RDS & GP-25 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher. Price: $185,000 AK-107 PSO - Fitted with a PSO-1 Scope. Price: $170,000 AK-107 PSO GL - Fitted with a PSO-1 Scope & GP-25 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher - Price: $200,000 AKM - 7.62x39mm - 30 Rounds per mag. Price: $40,000 (Ammo: $700) Bizon PP-19 - 9x18mm - 64 Rounds per mag. Price: $80,000 (Ammo: $600) CZ 550 - 9.3x62mm - 5 Rounds per clip. Price: $90,000 (Ammo: $600) FN FAL - 7.62x51mm - 20 Rounds per mag. Price: $50,000 (Ammo: $800) Lee Enfield - .303 - 10 Rounds per clip. Price: $20,000 (Ammo: $800) M24 - 7.62x51mm - 5 Rounds per clip. Price: $210,000 (Ammo: $1,000) PKM Machine Gun - 7.62x54mm - 100 Rounds per mag. Price: $175,000 (Ammo: $1,200) RPK-74 - 5.45x39mm - 45 Rounds per mag. Price: $200,000 (Ammo: $1,000) Sa-58 CCO/ACOG - 7.62x39mm - 30 Rounds per mag. Price: CCO - $80,000, ACOG - $95,000 (Ammo: $1,000) Saiga 12k - 12 Gauge - 8 Rounds per mag (Stun & Lethal). Price: $60,000 (Ammo: $800 (Stun & Lethal)) SVD (Camo) - 7.62x54mm - 10 Rounds per mag. Price - Regualr & Desert: $275,000, Woodland: $200,000 (Ammo: $1,000) Launchers & Explosives M79 Thumper - 203HE - Single Barrel Grenade Launcher. Price: $70,000 (Ammo: $1,200) RPG-7V - RPG Warheads - RPG VL/R Warheads. Price: $450,000 (Ammo: $100,000) Eastern AT Mine - Detonates with pressure from Light and Heavy Armour. Price: $295,000 Satchel Charges - Triggered by remote detonation. Price: $750,000 Vehicles Armed/Unarmed Transport vehicles Military Off-road Woodland - Price: $135,000 UAZ AGS-30 (GL) - Price: $262,000 UAZ DShKM (HMG) - Price: $132,500 UAZ SPG-9 (SPG) - Price: $425,000 Kamaz Utility/Open - Price: $110,000 Kamaz Ammo - Price: $1,200,000 Kamaz Refuel - Price: $220,000 Kamaz Repair - Price: $420,000 Light & Heavy Armour Vodnik BPPU - Price: $1,900,000 BRDM-2 - Price: $600,000 BRDM-2 ATGM - Price: $600,000 BMP-2 - Price: $3,600,000 T-34 - Price: $3,500,000 T-55 - Price: $6,000,000 T-72 - Price: $9,000,000 ZSU-23 Shilka - Price: $3,650,000 Helicopters UH-1H Huey - Price: $600,000 Mi-8 - $1,800,000 Mi-8MTV- Rockets - Price: $4,000,000 Training Varying from member to member of a Opfor, some Opfor may be willing to provide training to you or your group depending on what you are purchasing, be it from learning basic of a weapon, to learning how to use a piece of armour and it’s weapons systems or even learning to fly a helicopter. Prices will vary from trainer to trainer, eg someone might train you for free, others might charge you a fee. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All of prices listed above are the base amount for the equipment/vehicle, no taxes nor fees of Opfor are applied, prices after tax vary due to each Opfor being permitted to chose their own price for sales. Civ requirements: You must declare terror & be wearing a terrorist skin to purchase, failure to do so will result in denial of sale until further notice. Any support room cases that involve mass RDM/VDM with Opfor vehicles will result in major restrictions to said client or a permanent ban from purchasing Opfor equipment/vehicles. - Evidence must be provided for ban to be finalised. Due to access to certain weapons & vehicles, all outdated varients of weapons & unarmed vehicles have been removed from the list. As of today (9:00am 20/4/2018 AEST) Opfor will cease all sales to independents, all sales must only be to Blufor and civilians. Once all sales are finalised, said equipment and/or vehicles are the clients responsibility, any damages done to said client & equipment or vehicles fall back upon the client unless in cases of major RDM/VDM. Civs ARE NOT permitted to resell Opfor vehicles to independents, doing so will result it a temporary ban from purchasing Opfor equipment. Due to a previous case involving TheEliteP and mass RDM/VDM, Hinds, L-39 & Tunguska’s are no longer permitted to be sold to any faction. All Opfor vehicles clients purchase from Opfor Supporter or VIP MUST also be a donator/VIP. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you spot anything that doesn’t look right or should be changed, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP. Cheers
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    Have you wondered why the servers population is so low? Around 15-25 people? Regardless Im going to tell you how to change that problem by Increasing the server population. Spread the word! Tell your friends and other players about the TLX ArmA 2 (Takistan Life Xtreme Server)! If your friends ever mention missing the old ArmA 2 Life servers just mention TLX. Share your posts from TLX on social media, If enough people share this server is destined to get a high population. Make a video! If you have Obs or even fraps you can record gameplay and edit it. If you agree with these tips drop a thumbs up and a comment.
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    Have you wanted to have a better RP experience In Takistan Life? Here is some advice to creating a less toxic time when interacting with other players. Don't be toxic, don't be that guy finding loop holes In rules or spawn camping, nothing makes people more aggravated than a person with an RPG at Indi spawn. Try not to abuse armor or border-line marshal law/wartime vehicles like strykers or bmps. Avoid pulling out heavy weapons unless someone is a big problem, for example try to only use hinds or bmps when Indi's pull out a t-34 or camp cpa in buildings. Try to use them as plan C. Try to communicate effectively with others, for example when at CPA try to get through as an indi acting like a civi and watch the memes that pursue. Be a nice and helpful person, no explanation needed. If you enjoyed these tips drop a thumbs up and a comment on how you could improve hostilities in Takistan.
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    There are many ways to make money, but there is always a right and a wrong way to do so. If you follow these steps you will find it much easier to make money in Takistan. Get established, weather you are going for a farming job like marijuana or diamonds make sure you have the best equipment that is offered in the in-game dealers. Make sure when you are harvesting you have the necessary tools because it will save you from traveling more frequently. Be cautious of your surroundings and what you say in chat, don't go on the global chat asking how to process or harvest certain crops or metals because people will often try to intercept you and your hard earned crops. Instead of going in global get on Teamspeak and go to the support room where there is usually an admin waiting. Find a companion or bring a friend when harvesting, after you've got your equipment to harvest it may feel like a large task but if you bring a second person along you will produce a large profit from the crops you gather. Have a plan, Learning the map of Takistan will help you tremendously when you are planing to get somewhere a long distance away so do a few trial runs in your vehicle and find shortcuts to decrease travel time. Lastly if your looking for an easy and rewarding "crop" than go for diamonds, for every 36 diamonds you collect you get around $250,000 and if you use a Kamaz truck than you can almost carry 700 diamonds plus an additional 36 on your character. If you found this useful than please thumbs up this article and share with others. If you have any future questions just drop a comment below. Here is my YouTube channel if your interested: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjqXUPc_ULwh-sTY2F00-g Join TheStrategists or [TSTS]
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    In-game Name TheDevilApe Steam Profile Link http://steamcommunity.com/id/ThedevilApe/ Gametracker Link https://www.gametracker.com/player/TheDevilApe/play.tlx-gaming.com:2302/ Country you live in Ireland Time zone you live in GMT 0 Date of Birth 07/11/2000 How long have you been a TLX player? for about 2 months Do you meet the minimum requirements set above? Yes Have you previously been banned from the server? No Have you previously been a staff member here? No Describe yourself I'm currently 17 and will be 18 in a month , currently graduated from School and have a lot of time open , I live in the west of Ireland , I found a fondness for games when i moved to Ireland in 2008 I mainly fell in love with the cod series and played that until i managed to buy myself a pc with money i had earned , In early 2016 i started to play Arma 2 Dayz here is where I fell in love with Arma 2 learning how to play the game and I met friends there that I even play together with to this day after that i stopped playing Arma 2 and moved onto Arma 3 thats when i discovered RP servers after playing a few hours on the server I had managed to make multiple friends and after that experience my love for RP Servers grew after a while Pearse introduced me to TLX I played on the server for about 2 months after a while of playing on the server i wanted to give back to the server that had provided such amount of enjoyment to me and my friends. Why should you be a staff member? Although I do not have a lot of experience I do think i am fair to people and try to resolve issues with most efficiency , I have become frustrated with some of the Toxicity of players joining and harassing other players of course there is a difference between a player who does rude things to other on purpose or someone who has just messed up , after countless times being rdm'd myself and reporting it to staff i felt powerless as staff tried to resolve issues that they were clearly in the wrong but would deny it and after having multiple situations i wanted to sign up as staff to give to the community and crack down on these players that think they can get away with breaking rules I don't mean by this that staff are doing a bad job but staff are at times overwhelmed by reports even tho it may be a rare event when TLX begins to grow even more i feel like usch an even would become more often and i want to be there to help and give back to the community that support me and i support back What qualifications or experience do you have to offer? (if any) If it helps i have been an admin on my friends discord server so i do understand the importance of admin/staff/moderator
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    If you have any question's feel free to comment them below and I'll get back to you ASAP!
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    +1 blufor is full of peoplewho shoot and ask questions later
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    This faction isn't gonna stop you from playing indep. It's essentially a little group within the indep faction for people who wanna do stuff together for fun.
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    That part is an issue I am hearing when I am talking to a lot of players. I believe that we shouldn't hide inside our locked offices and only leave when called upon in a help room and that we should actually go out and be a part of the community. Besides players trusting the staff more because they get to know us, it also increases communication in factions like independent, blufor and opfor
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    This was also a feature on RISE and was very appreciated by the community. I suggest that the current Terror Hideout should be converted into a FOB for indies.
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    Hello everyone, This week we migrated our Arma 2 server and website over to a new dedicated node based out of New Jersey. Along with this, we are now running on an SSD instead of the previous HDD. Furthermore, IPv6 support has been added to the website allowing your client to choose whichever route loads faster - IPv4 or IPv6. Depending on where you live, you may find that your ping to the Arma server has improved. In addition, we have made some tweaks to the server's network configuration to reduce desync, and will make further improvements as we go along. As far as the mission currently goes, I am currently working on adding functionality for saving Staff, Supporter, BLUFOR, OPFOR, and PMC whitelists to the server's database files instead of inside arrays within the mission file. What does this mean for you? You will no longer have to wait for a server restart for your whitelist information to update. Admins will be able to update your whitelist levels in-game and they will be saved to your persistent stats to be loaded any time you log in. Additionally, I am making efforts in reducing the amount of chat spam in the mission and making use of systemChat instead of other forms of messages (globalChat, groupChat, commandChat, etc.) This makes mission messages more pleasant to read and less disruptive. We are still working on the implementation of the faction ranking & whitelisting. Regulations and protocols are being drafted up for both NATO and TLA. Likewise, the economical changes are being worked on as well. We will have updates to share soon and there won't be a stat reset until these undertakings have been completed.
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    Alright. Like many of you, I've been here for a while. I've seen how many servers work, after being an Admin on multiple servers. Recently, many of you have been drawing attention to how this server can sometimes be a Wasteland-like cesspool. While I do agree with most of you, changing this dynamic into something with a bit more role-play will require a lot of changes - which will change what this server really is. The problem is the lack of role-play. What seems to be causing the lack of role-play is the constant death-matching between BLUFOR/OPFOR, Indeps, and Civilians. What's causing that is the easy and readily available weapons that people can afford. Why? Because you can spend 30 min, maybe an hour of your time and already have a couple of million dollars - ready to drop that Allahu Akbar on BLUFOR in CPR. Money is too easy to achieve in the current server dynamic. Seriously - one paycheck can equal one AK. AFK for about 30 minutes and you can farm enough money to seriously get geared up to cause some trouble. It's ridiculous how easy it is to get weapons. And what do people do with weapons? They start up shit. Snipers, in particular, are the most fucking annoying because - often enough - BLUFOR might not have people who can drop 500K to counter an Indep Sniper. If money was harder to come by, then people would be working more. More people moving around, not killing each other, might just give BLUFOR and OPFOR the chance to role-play the jobs they're supposed to do. Indeps wouldn't endlessly be attacking them, preventing them from RPing. Also, Indeps might resort to smarter operations such a setting up their own checkpoints, collecting taxes, actual kidnappings for ransom, etc. TL;DR: Money. If money was harder to earn, people would be working more. Less attacking, more working. With less attacking, the server would be calmer and BLUFOR/OPFOR won't have to constantly be devoting their time to fighting Indeps. Maybe we can role-play again.
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    You're a staff member at OTL that bragged about crashing our server on the OTL Teamspeak less than an hour after it down. You were also online at the time of the crash. Given this information and the fact that our server has been crashing at a suspiciously high rate the past couple days despite no major changes made, you will remain banned until further notice.
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    I was actually expecting a better argument.. Now i'm disappointed and will now be leaving the indep side and never play it again.
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What is TLX?

Takistan Life Xtreme is an Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Takistan Life roleplaying server initially started in 2014 by original owner DNice.

How do I play?

You can find us on the Arma 2 OA server list as Takistan Life Xtreme or you can connect directly to play.tlx-gaming.com. You will need both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA installed.

How do I communicate?

Teamspeak 3 is our primary voice communications platform. You can jump on to speak to other players on your faction or to request support from our staff. Use the link below or ts.tlx-gaming.com to connect.


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