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  1. [Maj.] Kane's Comp

  2. TLX Memes

    I was the last ever to not make the staff application on the forums here
  3. Staff App - Cracky.JNR

    Can we accept him for the meme
  4. Constructive criticism for staff

    I'm here to make sure they don't. Reason for staff maybe being allowed to do more, is because we don't hand out strikes to them, as easy as we do to players. Staff still have to comp if they did something wrong. But any issues with staff, we do it internally.
  5. Staff App - Cracky.JNR

    He has played for over 100 hours and was first seen 3-4 months ago.
  6. Staff App - Cracky.JNR

    No. -1. You are not staff material in my eyes. Sorry, Cracky. You are immature, which there is nothing wrong with, but you simply lack situational awareness. Also, fix your date of birth One thing is that you're not old enough, exceptions can and has been made in the past, however, you don't have enough forum reputation either.
  7. Shekels

    The official Takistani currency needs to be renamed to Shekels. It looks good and gives a nostalgic feeling, will also make roleplaying easier
  8. Constructive criticism for staff

    Thanks babe
  9. We need to increase server population!

    we need everyone to stop saying server is dead and to just join it. ez fix
  10. Constructive criticism for staff

    Read this. I will happily continue it in discord, but pls don't do this to my wholesome post
  11. Constructive criticism for staff

    I am fairly sure he did make a report. And no I wouldn't be but my question is then: Would he be?
  12. Constructive criticism for staff

    I am simply saying it from my point of view. You might ask him, of course, he might deny it, but that's life and quite frankly, I don't really need to prove anything towards you or Randy.
  13. Constructive criticism for staff

    You are literally always complaining. We try not to be biased, but you certainly don't help to stay unbiased.
  14. Constructive criticism for staff

    I disliked it due to me not wanting to start a fucking fight, which I even specified in the post. Reason for him not actually receiving punishment was not due to me being friends with the other guy, it was due to Randy/Fragmented being provocative as shit. He even admitted it to me and the other person in the support room, but does he mention that? Nah because it isn't fun to realize you're wrong. Next time you want to act all cool and write an essay, make sure you get your facts straight. You weren't even in the help room my guy.
  15. Constructive criticism for staff

    Not exactly sure what you mean. If you're talking about staff complaints, then only the management are able to see them and will bring individual cases up with none other than the staff member that it is about.

What is TLX?

Takistan Life Xtreme is an Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Takistan Life roleplaying server initially started in 2014 by original owner DNice.

How do I play?

You can find us on the Arma 2 OA server list as Takistan Life Xtreme or you can connect directly to play.tlx-gaming.com. You will need both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA installed.

How do I communicate?

Teamspeak 3 is our primary voice communications platform. You can jump on to speak to other players on your faction or to request support from our staff. Use the link below or ts.tlx-gaming.com to connect.


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