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  1. TLX 2.0

    Yeah housing on Taki is pretty hard, not even from a programming perspective but from general gameplay and mechanics. Good work by the way. Happy to see some actual solid development done!
  2. HQ FOB?

    Could make it like the capture points already in the game. For added immersion, keep an array (or whatever data structure) of a few pre-placed objects to match each faction. Then when it is captured, swap out the objects. Just add additional shops for each faction (3x Weapons + Vehicle (+ item if not in weapons)) with whatever limited arsenal deemed fit. In the captured function call, then just call another to broadcast the changes.
  3. Save from objectigeddon

    Can confirm this is a commonly requested feature. It's annoying to have to sit in a vehicle and stop whatever you were doing.
  4. Weapon Cache missions!

    +1 on the idea of random caches. Maybe not paycheck boosts but a temporary discount on the equivalent guns at their base.
  5. Zip ties never come off

    Was this corrected in the update linked below?
  6. Kaboom

    Why disable the ability entirely? Literally just check the vehicle type and prevent if it returns a Helicopter type... There is no need to substitute anything.
  7. Aa12 slugs aint workin

    Looked through the files again. Almost 100% certain I now know why they don't work. Should be a matter of deleting 4 characters in 1 file and adding approx 16 characters to another file to fix.
  8. passports

    I believe this was fixed in the following update: If so, this should be locked and marked as fixed.

    Medkits should have their price lowered a bit, but that is for a separate topic.
  10. New INDEP rule

    I'd be against this. Didn't really like it back then and guaranteed it will create more crying in the help-room about what distance it was. Sure you would add something to the death message which says how far away you were from someone when you killed them, but it's still a massive hassle. "Ahmed! What are you doing! You can't shoot the Afghan army from here with that ATGM. They will cry to the kafir staff for comp!"
  11. Blufor changes.

    I like the idea of having to arrest someone at the jail rather than just immediately anywhere. Proper dragging and putting in vehicle scripts will need to be added to make it happen though.
  12. Aa12 slugs aint workin

    Wondering if it was just past 15m. Might be why... Further confirms my theory. If this is true though, then my original idea why could be wrong (permitting it wasn't due to low server fps/delayed local script queue).
  13. Aa12 slugs aint workin

    Just looked through the mission. How far away from the civ were you when you shot them?
  14. Aa12 slugs aint workin

    Can't remember what we did to fix it but I remember this issue from years ago. If I have time in the near future, I'll try to run a diff against our mission to see if I can find it. It may just be where the round hasn't been added to the if check when handle damage is called. Are there issues with stuns not working on other weapons like the M9SD (I think that is what you guys use on cop...)?

    I wouldn't recommend adding too many more (or any really) ATMs than the ones that are already there. It the whole robbing meta of the server will take a massive hit. This was one of the biggest problems we found on the other server with mobile banking back then. Granted that's more extreme compared to adding more ATMs but we saw the trends. As others have said, there are multiple ATMs in Rasman and you have the added benefit of possible blufor protection. Can't remember if you guys have one there, but the only place I can think of that was kinda annoying to not have one around was Truck Shop. I don't know if I would add one though since it kinda serves as a balancing thing.

What is TLX?

Takistan Life Xtreme is an Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Takistan Life roleplaying server initially started in 2014 by original owner DNice.

How do I play?

You can find us on the Arma 2 OA server list as Takistan Life Xtreme or you can connect directly to play.tlx-gaming.com. You will need both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA installed.

How do I communicate?

Teamspeak 3 is our primary voice communications platform. You can jump on to speak to other players on your faction or to request support from our staff. Use the link below or ts.tlx-gaming.com to connect.


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