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  1. TLX Memes

    Let's stop with the No's.
  2. Players needed?

    So we unban all the dupers and hackers so they can come back only to do the same stuff that they got banned for. No.
  3. Add the r73 to the ka 52

    I didn't make the decision for a No jet war or even bring it up, I didn't even know it was a no jet war until it was announced.
  4. Staff App - King

    +1, You were an Old moderator, Knows right from wrong, Never had an Issue with you.
  5. Improving Role Play

    TLX Has been known for being a laid back server, things probably won't change, people get on to get some kills, then get off, changing that would kill a dying population. Its simple if you have a population that likes the sever the current way don't change it, especially when it's a low one that will not grow any time soon.
  6. TLX Memes

  7. Staff App - Dirty Dan

    -1 You don't meet the Requirements.
  8. Explosives rule!

    Well <3, PS Get Arma 3
  9. Explosives rule!

    @SlimBoneI owe you what now?
  10. Staff App - thotkitti

  11. Legalise the F35

    You know we don't have Jets Right?
  12. Staff App - Fakie

    Wait You're coming back? +1 great dude, come back to me Fakie.
  13. Staff App - TheDevilApe

    +1 Cool Dude, We need another Irish man, Follows Rules, Nice Person.
  14. Staff App - Isaac

    +1 Good guy, Would like to see you as staff, you try your best to help the community with events and other stuff.
  15. New Group Translator

    +1 Great Idea

What is TLX?

Takistan Life Xtreme is an Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Takistan Life roleplaying server initially started in 2014 by original owner DNice.

How do I play?

You can find us on the Arma 2 OA server list as Takistan Life Xtreme or you can connect directly to play.tlx-gaming.com. You will need both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA installed.

How do I communicate?

Teamspeak 3 is our primary voice communications platform. You can jump on to speak to other players on your faction or to request support from our staff. Use the link below or ts.tlx-gaming.com to connect.


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