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Cowboy - Ban Appeal

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[In-Game Name] : Cowboy

[GUID] : Player ID: 7656119804513698 And Steam link https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045136968/ (Unable to get GUID)

[Ban information] : (ANC | FailRP / Refuse to comp 2D)

[Ban Justification] : No. To provide some context Thotkitti was in the process of robbing the bank in which he also had a hostage. He typed out over global do not enter the bank or I will kill the hostage. Some shots had been shot at his car (Right outside the bank) not by me. he typed out stop shooting at the bank or the hostage dies. Around the same time, I shot tear gas into the bank and he immediately killed the hostage. I ran into the bank and killed Thotkitti. Shortly after that, I was pulled into a help room and was asked why I killed him (The reasons laid out above) and after some back and forth they (Being ANC) Demanded I pay Thotkitti around 4 Million in comp for losing the bank money. To which I refused since I believed it to be unjust. I will explain more in the section provided for below.

[Reason for appeal] : They're currently no rules regarding how to deal with a hostage situation and I acted in a manner that I felt was appropriate. Now I refused to pay compensation I did because I had felt justified in my actions regarding what is detailed above. 

[Improvement] : I believe an appropriate way to deal with this issue now and in the future is to look at the current and quite honestly lacking rules list. They're a litany of loopholes in the rules that I feel many other players including myself would like to see plugged once and for all. Now I accept some level of blame for what transpired I feel that this is a learning lesson not only for me but, Also fellow players alike. 

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Its has been getting out of hand these "loopholes" you all think exist. While yes flushing out our ruleset may be needed but we cant go adding rules or else you all with have a chapter book of shit to follow. This is more something for the blufor handbook which ive reccomended to ANC. As for your ban ill talk with smidge when I can but use some common sense like it says in the beginning of the rules it was a hostage situation.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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