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Abdullah Al Arganeen

Hunting! Fishing!

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Hello there,

Dear Dev Team, im actually not sure if Hunting works, such as: if you can get a meat or fish by hunting or fishing, but we really need those prices to get bigger. I was at Sane Butcher, and cows meat was most expensive there - 5k. 

Some people could say:

"But dude, you want meat price to be 100k?!"

Hell yes, in a world where medkit costs 30k  and single lockpick device costs the same.


Overall, we should increase the prices of other products, so ppl wont be doing lsd/coke and diamond/rubies only

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I don't get why fishing/hunting/oil are still even in the server (beyond RP reasons but that's barely the case), they're typically higher financial risk, take longer and give you insultingly less money than a quick mining trip. I thought the purpose of the re-balance would have been to do something about this.

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I went hunting the other day and went to the HUNTING SPOT marked on the map looking for Wild Game to shoot to feed my poor impoverished family as a good honest man does, after looking for 45 minutes under every rock, bush, and landmine. I was informed that they had been Removed, my family goes hungry once again tonight as they do most nights, I might have to turn to crime to feed them. 

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