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Sebi (Dimitry Petrenko)

T-Say, Eren and Xalo

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[Player name] : T-Say, Eren and Xalo
[Date issue occured] : 11.02.2019
[Issue] : Hi. Story on short: Today while playing as PMC I declared Peacekeeping as most I usually do. T-say, Eren and Xalo were playing as a Gang. They kept doing drugs and I kept busting them. Bust after bust they kept being crybabies and started getting saltier, toxier for any reason. Then they started spamming the "vote kick" option on me and started then crying in German and English ( they kept switching between the 2 ). After more 2 language baby crying, King, which is also one of my 2 witnesses ( second one being Spork ) which can confirm what I'm saying, finally kicked in and told them to stop in their mother-language, german by using Google Translate. They stopped for a bit, but then began again. They kept doing drugs so I kept catching them everytime. This went on for a roughly 4 to 6 hours, ( I ddin't really stayed and think exactly the hours number, but is more than 4h anyway. ) and it came to an end when I finally decited to go off the server, and come on the forums to post the report.

[Evidence] :  [TLX] King, Spork (as witnesses)
Here are a lot of screenshots that should give you enough proof. I tried separating them, but they got randomized when I published the Topic. The only screenshot that's to the left, is when King warned them in their own native language ( german ) to stop via Google Translate. But anyway, you have all the proof you need here.

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27 minutes ago, SlimBone said:

Sorry about this I'll begin lookin into this. Though I don't think I've seen them on as of late.

Np man. Eren has got banned today from the Server/TS for 5 days for killing in Gun Store safezone, so we won't be able to figure this out with him. Xalo is a frequent player on the sv, so will be easy with him. And T-Say, haven't seen him really.

Also btw, eren still does this.

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2 hours ago, Sebi (Dimitry Petrenko) said:

Yeah..., sorry about that but tbh they kept going, and I kept making screenshots xD.

Maybe try video record next time :D It is pretty simple for example with GeForce Experience B|

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48 minutes ago, Sebi (Dimitry Petrenko) said:

Ik, but it doesn't support windows 10

It does but in order to get mine to work I had to completely uninstall all of my Nvidia products and drivers to get it working then reinstall them.

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54 minutes ago, Sebi (Dimitry Petrenko) said:

Ik, but it doesn't support windows 10


4 minutes ago, Mez said:

It does but in order to get mine to work I had to completely uninstall all of my Nvidia products and drivers to get it working then reinstall them.


And make sure your GPU supports GeForce Experince :$

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