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  1. Make Takistan Great Again

    change tlx to tdm server and i support
  2. Players needed?

    Best possible way to get players at this moment is do a TLX BAN RESET - Give everyone another chance.
  3. Players needed?

    20 IQ staff.
  4. Players needed?

    theres no other option. check the ban appeals forum, just read it.
  5. Constructive criticism for staff

    6 player reports on you in last 2 weeks must also be a lie.
  6. Constructive criticism for staff

    I run a large mc server boasting 2000players avg and Ive created a very EASY SIMPLE ban system. You ban the player and you attach the ban with evidence, then when the ban is argued we can EASILY and SEAMLESSLY defend it.
  7. Constructive criticism for staff

  8. Constructive criticism for staff

    Would love to say this in the support room, but you know. I would get striked for "disrespect"
  9. Constructive criticism for staff

    Just proved there is biased within the staff team.
  10. Constructive criticism for staff

    Now, mabey he should report you, argue it, and your in the wrong. Guess what, YOUR 100% SAFE!! because your friends with community and staff, therefore you obligated to 1000 freebees so if you make a mistake its okay, you move on. Repeat it 100x over who cares haha your friends with staff they defend you. He can argue all day and nothing is going to happen. Don't ever be worried about you being punished on your mistakes.
  11. Constructive criticism for staff

    Who knows, and if he is. Your 100% fucked, and if he isnt. The situation SHOULD BE RESOLVED. No one should be punished for anything, or they both are punished, or they BOTH receive a warning. However, in support room. No proof provided some staff ASSUME i did it EVEN though theres no fucking proof. Id love to bring a bunch of evidence of this and explain it all if someone would care. Honestly, check your dms in discord Jumpy. Your pal staff friend read the post in the future, 10s after I posted the post he already read it.
  12. Constructive criticism for staff

    You dont need to prove anything, your correct. Now, if he made a report saying he didnt admit and he was falsely accused. Are you properly prepared to counter his argument with evidence? Video/recording of conversation etc. Oh look, you also got heated and said "fucking" because someone came to a quick conclusion 1 time about you. This happens to me 10x a day, feel the frustration.
  13. Constructive criticism for staff

    Perfect, calculated response. I was hoping you would say something along those lines, Id love to believe you. But like in the support room. I cant believe you until there is proof/evidence. Just because your reputation is high, doesnt mean you dont need proof Obtaining a screenshot of him admitting, or anything would be helpful to understand the situation. If you base everything on evidence things would make everything so much simple, wouldn't it. I came to a quick assumption just like staff quickly assume Im in the wrong. I didnt dig in deeper to find out why he has actually punished and the other guy not. I ASSUMED just like WE ASSUME IN THE SUPPORT ROOM. So so very quick to come to a conclusion without digging any deeper. Made idea here is, figure out the issue to its deepest point and resolve it to its fullest. Understand both sides of the story, and then come in together to come up with a conclusion.
  14. Constructive criticism for staff

    Notice jumpywizard disliked your comment, meaning, he read it, but doesnt understand the issue and thus nothing will happen Fragmend. I see how its bs, you were called 10x worse and he didn't receive a punishment. The reason for that is being he is friends with the staff, and the staff will not punish friends as heavily as they would. I sit in the same boat as you my friend, staff are unequal.
  15. Constructive criticism for staff

    All talk so far, we'll see if the action part will come in this time.
  16. Constructive criticism for staff

    You know nothing because you played for a week, staff biased is in favor in some people and against some people, just because of there name and there relationship with them.
  17. Constructive criticism for staff

    Fantastic, a forum to talk about the issues in the support room. You cant ask a better guy. - Keep the personal issues and biased assumptions out, just because It's me, Its very easy to punish me. I shot in a safezone and blew up a ural at the last 358 mins and was reported and then striked. I was reported for rdm and I was striked, no proof of rdm, no proof of anything, I was unable to speak numerous amount of times and I was cut off half way through speaking and the issue resulted in me being punished, It's very rare for me to finish the situation. Staff give out 10+ warnings to other people, I get no warnings and just kicked. - Ask for facts/evidence/proof - This never happens, not a single time. One time I civ helicopter landed on top of me almost and i said in direct com "Leave right now or I will shoot you down" said it 3 times and I the civ proceeded to land where I was on the oil fields and I shot him down. He ran to support and said "gen rdmed me he shot down my helicopter" I tried to tell the staff that I told him to leave and he said that he didn't hear it and the staff AGREED WITH HIM AND SAID HE DIDNT HEAR IT, HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW IF HE HEARD IT OR NOT. 5 mins later the person who reported me, after flaming him in chat admitted to lying to staff and was punished and I was able to get my money back. This is ridiculous. I also was on a hill with 2 other indeps, total of 3 and they also had AS50's and someone reported me that I shot there truck while they were in rasman, I proceeded to explain to the staff it wasnt me, I told the staff there was 2 other indeps on the hill. I was cut off half way and told "I dont want to deal with this argueing" then I was told to comp the guy or I will be striked. This is also ridiculous. Now, lets move up the branch to the higher ups. Infact recently my account was glitched, and on OPFOR my account reset. My balance reset, my entire character reset as If i was joining for the first time. I messaged 3 higher staffs and They all REPLIED TO ME THE SAME THING "DO YOU HAVE PROOF? DO YOU HAVE PROOF THE AMOUNT OF BANK BALANCE YOU HAVE?" - I said No why the fuck would i take a picture of my bank balance, I dont expect my entire balance to be REMOVED. I played TLX for some time, They knew I was a supporter and when I joined they saw I had 200k in my bank account, in the LOGS IT EVEN SAYS "BANK ACCOUNT NOT FOUND, CREATING NEW ETC ETC" I said look in the logs, they checked, took less then .4 seconds and they said "I see nothing talk to the owner". After 4 hours of constant argueing I told the higher up I will flip my fucking ass If I lose my 130m on indep, I joined indep and GUESS WHAT, I HAD 130M IN MY ACCOUNT BUT ON OPFOR I LOST MY 60M" They didn't use any commen sense, an well known player, that used to play opfor, and is VIP SUPPORTER has 200k in opfor balance and he ALWAYS RUNS AROUND WITH JAVS AND AS50 THERMALS. I was like, i had 130m in indep I said if i lost it id flip i didnt do you believe me now? I was then comped 60m by a higher up on opfor. BEFORE I WAS COMPED AND DURING THE ARGUMENT i was told 'Since you have no proof ill comp you 1m" - 1 MILLION FOR MY LOSS OF MY ENTIRE BALANCE, THEY DIDNT EVEN TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED- When i say 'MY ACCOUNT JUST RESET AND MY BALANCE IS GONE" - THEY SHOULD ASK "WHAT HAPPENED, EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DID" - THE TLX SERVER ADMIN WAS WATCHING ME AND ITS IN THE LOGS I WAS SCREAMING IN CHAT "MY CHARACTER IS GLITCHED HELP I WAS RANDOMLY TPED WHEN I SPAWNED IN" THEY EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE IT IN THE FUCKIGN TEAMSPEAK" - What is this dude, im done typing man, this pisses me off. I aint even bothered to finish writing or even explain every single situation. This entire forum will be wasted, read and wasted, nothing will be taken from it. Nothing will change, nothing will happen it will stay the same and it will always be the same unless someone puts everyone in there place and train them on how to moderator issues to the full extent not COME UP WITH A SOLUTION IN 30 SECONDS - So everyone playing tlx and your account gets reset and you complain, they will ask you "do you have proof" thats it, they wont check logs they wont do anything, they dont care. I was put aside multiple times over and over again in this situation. I HAVE SO MUCH PROOF OF ABUSE, HYPOCRITICAL SITUATIONS, BAD STAFFING, ETC. WHY WOULD I POST IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN IF NO ONE CARES, AND NOTHING HAPPENS. - Look at both sides of the stories, try to be on both sides, first agree with one then agree with the other then rejoin and look at both - Become educated in staffing experience, high play time but 0 experience in being a staff or moderator. - Support room is always one sided, 5 staff give me 1000 questions and they dont talk about the other guy - Asking for an admin results in a strike in "Wasting staff time" - Disagreeing with a moderator results in the strike of "Disrespecting" - Staff can strike whenever they want, for whatever reason they want, I've made complaints about the faulty use of strikes and the abusive powers staff hold and they still are able to bs there way through everything. Since all the staff are friends its easy for them to bend stories to the higher ups, higher ups dont care and think its a waste of time. No effort is shown to deal with current staff issues. Everything has to be done as soon as possible. All the TLX higher ups have little patience with any situation and conclude it very quickly without bothering to look deeply into the issue. - Staff have made friends with the servers, staff are too close with certain people, they let people off the hook for a lot of things and then punish other people. As if I had a friend that was a police officer and I stole a candy bar and he told me to put it back and leave, and in a second scenario a police officer I dont know would have arrested me for stealing a candy bar. (Very hypocritical) - Staff rush the support room, never take time to actually listen. Everything seems to be in the mindset realm of "I want to get this done and over this as soon as possible" - Staff complaints result in nothing, there useless, I've made complaints nothing happens, Staff have bended the rules over and over again.textbook like workers in the staff team and revolve around the book rather then the content and situation. In he said she said situations its based solemnly on reputation. This is not acceptable. Just
  18. Face Reveals

    this is pearse

  20. o where did that come from

    TLX should add a script to allow the as50 to shoot longer ranges more accurately. If the range would extend to 2300m then the gun would be strong and I would really like that. I enjoy the as50 all I do is snipe. This will make finding me more interesting.
  21. o where did that come from

    all i do is go indep and kill blufor 1700m away with javs and thermal as50
  22. o where did that come from

    you look like a good sniper
  23. Bring TLA Back

    ill quit
  24. Ok, we need to talk!

    We should all now know by now that the item shops will be having a full-scale price rebalance, along with the fact that some weapons will be removed. The as50 thermal will be one of many items removed from VIP. Now, understanding it's a thermal weapon it is "strong" not "op". I will tell you why as50 thermal needs to stay in VIP. Blufor weapons/vehicle prices will be going down immensely. If as50 thermal will be removed it will make it extremely hard to play long-distance sniping. As50 thermal will no longer be "op" because blufor will be able to constantly afford vehicles and helicopters. Keeping this previous note in mind, we can logically make sense that the as50 will now be counter-played and will be very weak because currently blufor rarely pull out any vehicles because the independents will just blow it up with lock-on missiles..... but, oh wait, that's getting NERFED too. The lock on rocket and missiles will increase in price heavily as well and the meta for independent will no longer consist of lock on rockets due to the insane price increase. Summary: As50 thermal needs to be kept to keep the system of 'long-distance sniping. Helicopters will constantly be scouting, armored vehicles will be patrolling. Any close 800m sniper will be quickly eliminated. Sure, as50 will be strong for the first few kills without being spotted, but with the help of the decline price cost for weapons/vehicles for blufor and in the incline of prices for independent rockets and gear. There will be a balance, if the as50 thermal is removed, indeps will extremely weak and will not stand a fair chance against blufor. ~ Gen Richotvz " time for a true display of skill"

What is TLX?

Takistan Life Xtreme is an Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Takistan Life roleplaying server initially started in 2014 by original owner DNice.

How do I play?

You can find us on the Arma 2 OA server list as Takistan Life Xtreme or you can connect directly to play.tlx-gaming.com. You will need both Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA installed.

How do I communicate?

Teamspeak 3 is our primary voice communications platform. You can jump on to speak to other players on your faction or to request support from our staff. Use the link below or ts.tlx-gaming.com to connect.


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